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"Luxury meets affordability; punctuality complemented by professionalism; efficacy coupled with efficiency."

(These are all prime examples of justifiably astute observations reflecting our company's qualities, capacities, and general overview of the company as a whole.)

Whether our in-house experts are tasked with partially upgrading a client's bathroom or kitchen through one of our professional remodeling projects or if we are responsible for completely overhauling key elements of the property from the ground up, you can, like so many others before you, safely rely on the experience and proven track record of success that our company has spent decades earning. Continue reading for additional information regarding our various property services; including our extensive bathroom & kitchen coverage.

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How We Earned The A+ In Our Namesake

To best serve our local Houston, Texas clientele (including those actively commissioning our services, have contracted them in the past, and those yet to enlist them) with the various home improvement-oriented services they often require, we are proud to offer our extensive, yet client-specific, coverage centered around the convenience of our customers. Furthermore, we take into account nearly every variable that often comes associated with updating or upgrading specific elements & amenities that a given property typically features. From the initial assessment of the property/project, to the procurement of materials & equipment, and until the final inch of tile flooring is strikingly polished or speck on a bathtub (re)finished; our team of dedicated professionals make it a point ensure the finer details aren't being overlooked and the utmost diligence & foresight is readily apparent throughout the project's entirety.


Understanding The Particulars Of Refinishing Is Important

To make the most educated and prudent decisions when it concerns refinishing the various surfaces of your property, we've listed a few of the common refinishing inqueries that we've received during our decades-long tenure as a professional refinishing company.


Frequently Asked Questions


A: With normal upkeep and proper care, the finish will last many years; several decades in many circumstances!

A: On average, our refinishing services are completed in about 3 1/2 hrs to 6 hrs - it largely depends on the condition of the surfaces prior to refinising.


A: While it does depend on the particular material that is being refinished as well as the product used during said refinishing, we do recommend waiting at least 24 hours before usage.

A: The high costs of labor, materials, and time associated with remodeling makes refinishing very attractive now; more than ever before.


A: We use only the highest quality material available: Glas-Tech 9000 by Hawk.

A: Our industry-standard 5 year warranty for our various refinishing services.


A: Due to the popular demand for professional refinishing services, we do ask that you order for at least one day in advance.

A: We pride ourselves on our flexibility and customer accommodations - reach out to us via email or by telephone and book your refinishing service around your convenience!

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