History About Our Company


Beginning in the 1980s primarily as a specialized (re)surfacing & restoration company here in Houston Texas, our company, A+ Bathtub & Tile Refinishing Houston, quickly grew in both demand and popularity as well as service, coverage, and efficacy. Despite our progress in the repair, remodeling, and refinishing industry here in Texas to include kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, and custom work, we've never deviated from our chosen path of combining quality and affordability for all services rendered.

To that effect, it is a source of pride of ours that we maintain a healthy relationship with all of our clients; past, present, and future notwithstanding. Our all-inclusive approach towards affecting our various restoration services, remodeling coverage, and renovation capacities means that our Texas communities & customers have a reliable resource for quality home improvement options that equally as diverse as they are adaptable. For instance, we've embraced that each of our Houston, Texas customers is solely unique in the services that they request as well as what the specifics of those services actually entail.

What A+ Services You Can Expect With Our World-Class Coverage

When someone decides to hire our company they are giving us the opportunity to work, to provide for our families and to have a much better life. That is why we will do our best to provide good services with long lasting results. We know that everybody work hard for their money and no one likes to give money away, we know that they are about to spend some money to fix a problem in their house and don't have time for re-dos and warranty issues.

Our Customers' time is valuable!

In our company, every employee has to know and be very familiar with our kitchen and bathroom's refinishing process. From our office staff to our GM; every person has been out in the field working with our technicians and learning our entire process because it is important that we all know what we are doing and the type of services we provide.


The Five R's Of Our Success


Our reputation is based on high-quality work, impeccable customer service, and a great product. We've spent decades mastering our craft whilst pioneering many techniques and methods to ensure our clients are thoroughly covered.

Since our opening, we have signed up over 100’s apartment complexes as clients, as well as 10’s of 1000’s of residential customers. Our experience also includes a significant amount of Hotels work.


As a part of our revitalization efforts on behalf of our customers, we often repair and restore cabinets, bathtubs, showers, jacuzzis, as well as both bathroom/kitchen sinks, vanities, features.


We provide professional refinishing services for bathtubs made out of porcelain, fiberglass, cast iron and cultured marble. Depending on the particular material, our refinishing specialists may customize a refinement plan to ensure the end result is spectacular.

If you have a problem with chips, cracks, rusted areas, leaks or just want a fresh and clean look, we can restore them and saving you thousands of dollars by not having to replace any of your kitchen of bathroom fixtures.

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A+ Bathtub & Tile Refinishing Houston is committed to producing the highest quality projects, maintaining lasting relationships, providing excellent service and maintaining a safe work environment.

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