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Thank you for taking the time to learn about how our company, A+ Bathtub & Tile Refinishing Houston, is not only a participant in the local Houston, Texas refinishing, renovation, or restoration industry but how we are actually pioneering many aspects as well! As it stands, our company boasts over a quarter of a century (and still counting!) of tangible, provable, and ever-reliable experience in breathing new life into surfaces that adorn the many elements and features of your property (tile, bathtubs, vanities, sinks, showers, tile, & grout to name but a few); all without our clients' having to question their choice in enlisting our in-house refinishing specialists and restoration experts.

Please continue reading below to gain a better understanding of our various home improvement-related services as well as the various home improvement capacities we are frequently tasked with fulfilling. If you have additional questions or would like to schedule your complimentary consultation, please feel free to reach out directly!


kitchen refinishing


Make your kitchen the hub of your home again instead of more akin to the drive-thru window at a local eatery with the world-class kitchen refinishing services (including countertop & cabinetry refinishing!) we offer our local Houston, Texas homeowners, clients, and fellow residents.

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bathroom refinishing


Our in-house bathroom remodeling experts are highly-skilled, completely adaptable, and express proficiency in all aspects of bathroom refinishing; including bathtub repair, bathtub refinishing, fiberglass repair, shower refinishing, grout repair, vanity repairs, sink refinishing, jacuzzi tub refinishing, shower pan repair, and tile floor (re)glazing.

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bathtub repair


If your current bathtub has seen better days to decades of use, a recent crack/fissure/split, or the surface has become hazardously slick, it might be worth considering our industry-leading bathtub repair, resurfacing, and/or restoration services.

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sink repair


Similar to bathtubs in their tendency to wear out over time and need repairing, a sink follows a similar fate due to overuse or poor upkeep. As such, our restoration experts are very well-versed in repairing nearly any style of sink imaginable.

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tile & grout services

Tile & Grout

Nothing can put a blemish on your tile flooring more impactfully than having its grout become over-dirty or flaking. When this happens, we advise our local Texas homeowners to seek out our tile & grout experts for repairs, replacements, or installations.

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Locally Owned.

A person's home, regardless of its size, scale, dimensions, or featured amenities, is much more than an simple, roughly rectangular structure complete with a roofing system and a few thresholds (i.e. windows, doors, skylights, etc). For many, a local Texas home is where families are grown, memories are made, and where many residents spend a marjority of their time.

Locally Operated.

As such, a home and all of its subsequent amenities/accommodations can become worn, unsightly, or breakdown, ultimately requiring repairs, replacing, or uprading altogether. Typically when one of our clients reach out to one of our on-staff professionals, it's to contract resortorative or overhaul services that are geared towards improving key aspects of their home.

refinishing bathtub - AMERCIA!

Locally Trusted.

In direct answer to that and to put it succinctly; we've adapted, broadened, and expanded our areas of coverage regarding our professional services for local Texas resident/homeowners. For instance, while our company does indeed specialize in surfacing & restoration, we have actually bolstered our arsenal of services to include renovation and remodeling services as well.



Here Are The Various Improvement Services We Offer For Local Texas Properties

Our team of restoration professionals are available to affect a wealth of rejuvenative home improvement services in a variety of ways; chief among them being restoration services, repair services, renovation services, replacement services, and upgrade services. Additionally, we've included an equally diverse amount of areas of coverage to ensure the homes & ameneties of our local clients are completely covered.



How We Do It

Generally the process of restoring a porcelain bathtub involves the following:


The surface is cleaned using a special two-step process to remove soap film, oils, and mineral deposits. Additional sanding and special procedures are used to ensure a thoroughly clean surface. Chips, scratches and other damage are then filled and repaired


The key to a good refinishing job is getting the new coating to “stick” to the old surface, especially on porcelain and ceramic tile. The success of Tubs and Tops has been built upon this bonding agent (by hawk laboratories) that eliminates the need to use dangerous and corrosive acids typically used by other refinishers. We have proven that a chemical bonding process results in superior adhesion and a better product with greater longevity. In fact, it is through our track record over the last 14 years with our bonding agent that we can confidently offer a 5-year warranty on porcelain bathtubs and ceramic tile.


An advanced acrylic top coating is applied with HVLP spray equipment to create a durable, long lasting surface. Finishes are available in either a gloss or matte finish. Our coatings, available in custom colors, will dry to the touch within minutes. We use only the most advanced coatings available. Through different techniques and procedures, a refinished tub can be ready to use within 12 to 14 hours. For information about the best refinishing products, please go to www.hawklabs.com


We will give full commitment to completing the job. Care is taken to polish the surface as necessary to remove dust particles or other imperfections



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bathtub refinishing
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bathtub refinishing
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